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York has to be one of the most beautiful cities in the UK. What's on offer/where to begin - the spectacular York Minster, York Castle and museum, the York Art Gallery, independent cinema, ghost tours, dungeons and River cruises along the picturesque River Ouse.

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Historic York & York Minster

A quick and rather superficial historical summary would run something like this - AD71 the Romans arrive, conquering the Celtic tribes call the Brigantes. They created Eboracum which became the capital of 'Lower Britain' by the 4th century. Later in the 7th century Eboracum became Eoferwick under the control of Anglo-Saxon King Edwin of Northumbria. (are you still with me!)


Well, a couple of centuries later Eoferwic became known as Jorvik and a central trading post for the Vikings! Then it was pillaged by William the Conqueror, in the Middle Ages became a trading and commercial centre again. Later still Tudor and Stuart royalty visited the city often and throughout the Georgian period it was the social centre of the North.
19th century - and railways meant it became an industrial centre and now York with its mish-mash of historic buildings and castle from different periods is one of the most visited cities in the UK. It really is a beautiful city.


Rowntree Park

Rowntree Park has well cared for lawns and a wide selection of children's play equipment which is incorporated into two play areas each with protective wood-chip floor covering. Nearby is a large pond, pretty flower beds, tennis courts and bowling. Also available is open access for basketball.

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This lovely park is perfectly situated just a short walk from the city centre and has restaurant/cafe, new toilet facilities and refurbishment of the Bandstand performance area. With dogs only allowed on leads, and plenty of open space, this is a perfect park for the children.

Riverside walks to the City centre

The riverside path, alongside Rowntree Park, has always been a pleasant walk both during the day and on an evening and it's even better now the new Millennium Bridge is in place across the river, as this means you can cross to the other side of the river ouse and ‘New Walk’ a pleasant stroll into the heart of the city.


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